Ford F150 2.5 Inch Leveling Kit Before And After

Leveling your Ford becomes of utmost necessity on the country and rough roads. However, knowing all aspects of the Ford F150 2.5 inch leveling kit before and after fitting is required before installing it.

The 2.5-inch kit gives a decent, basic lift that suits maximum road requirements for your Ford. And therefore, they are ideal picks for many.

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Leveling kits play a crucial role in protecting your automobile against any impairment. Thus, opt for the finest products only.

There are several perks to investing in the right leveling kit. So, identify all insights on this exceptional modification for your Ford and implement it correctly.

Ford F150 2.5 Inch Leveling Kit Before And After Lifting F-150 with 2.5 Inch Leveling Kits

Installing the 2.5-inch lift kit is a must for accurate outcomes. If you fail to do so, you will damage your vehicle and risk accidents.

Leveling kits help in giving proper lifts for covering all rough road requirements. Thus, using them most efficiently is a must.

We have listed aspects to assist you in installing the lift kit perfectly in your Ford. Use these tricks and guidelines to get the finest outcome for your truck.

Step 1: Remove the lug nuts

The foremost step is to remove or loosen these nuts before fixing the lifting kit using the 21 mm socket wrench.

Further, vehicles with OEM tires might have to remove the center cap better to access these parts.

You can complete this step using a flat screwdriver or any similar tool. Also, ensure you use a cloth or shield between the two to prevent scratches on the wheels.

Step 2:  Jack up the front end

Start by placing your Ford in neutral and then check one of the front tires. After this, lift your Ford using a jack.

Avoid using the hand brake to prevent the rear wheels from moving when lifting the vehicle. Doing so will assist the vehicle to be lifted adequately and create no random issues for your vehicle.

After you have lifted your Ford well using the jack at a sufficient height, remove the front tires.

Further, place the jack stands in the front portion of the Ford. Finish the loosening of the nuts and also extract the tires correctly.

Step 3: Remove the end link and loosen the upper joints.

Utilize an eighteen mm socket wrench to release the end link. Removing it from the control arm is the simplest method one can opt for.

However, other alternatives are not very tough. After this, remove the upper joint nut; however, ensure you do not remove it entirely.

You can use a hammer or any other tool to loosen the connection between the ball joint and the spindle.

So, while using the hammer, hit close to the ball joint and not the spindle.

Avoid firmly hitting the control arm or joint; otherwise, it might damage and cause issues to the suspension. Loosen the parts and pull them off to remove them safely.

Step 4: Make the lower strut bolts loose

Use a thirty mm socket to set your lower strut bolts loose, and then hold the nut properly using the right wrench.

These nuts are usually very firm and tight so ensure you use a powerful tool to get the finest outcome.

Long breaker bars assist the finest, yet you might still necessitate extra aid. Next, after completing this, remove the nuts and bolts.

Removing the bolt is very tough; you can skip the step; however, loosening it is vital. Push the strut down to fix the unbolt and place the lift spacer on the top.

Step 5: Get rid of the spindle wheel

Once you have removed or loosened these parts, take the jack and keep it below the lower control arm to ensure elevation and get rid of the upper nuts.

Now use the pry bar and slightly elevate the upper control arm while removing the spindle from your way.

Do not let the spindle wobble and use wrenches and other tools to keep it stable.

Step 6: Remove the top strut nuts.

After this, extract the three nuts that hold the strut top and bracket in place. They are roughly fifteen mm nuts.

Ensure you remove them with care if you have already removed your strut nuts completely. Let the jack gradually lower the control arm and strut assembly.

Make sure they do not entirely drop on the ground.

Step 7: Fix a spacer

Check the manual to know where it is located. Certain spacers have bolts and only need to be pressed to the struts.

So, check on that and work accordingly. Further, reinstall all parts for perfect fittings.

Installing the 2.5-inch Leveling Kit (The Differences: Before & After)

There are certain aspects you will benefit from after fixing the leveling kit. A 2.5-inch kit also makes a noticeable difference.

After identifying the Ford F150 2.5-inch leveling kit before and after variations, you must know why you must install it.

The points mentioned will assist you in knowing what makes your lift kit suitable for use.

1. Exceptional looks

The overall look of your truck will undoubtedly change after installing the 2.5 leveling kit. It gives a nice bold and classy look.

The lift that these kits offer looks striking and makes your vehicle look fantastic overall. Also, as good as new to give you the finest results.

However, it may not be prominently noticeable.

2. More Safety

Installing a lift kit is more than looks. It offers striking safety on all roads and protects against damage.

After using these kits, the overall damage to the suspension and other parts is relatively reduced.

Thus, to shield your Ford against all damage that your vehicle might face on rough roads, install these kits. Also, it offers better control over the vehicle while driving.

3. Better Fuel Economy

Surprisingly research shows that the lift can offer a noticeable fuel consumption difference in your vehicle.

Opting for it will assist in saving your cash in varied ways. Thus, opt for the best and get ideal outcomes with it.

4. More Clearance

A good ground clearance goes without saying. Another chief purpose of a lift kit is better clearance.

You will notice better clearance while driving and in actuality while using these kits. They give you an improved drive and a smooth experience.

Ford F150 Leveling Kit Problems

Some common issues with the Ford f150 2.5 leveling kit are:

1. Whining Noise

Normally if the kit is installed well, you will experience hassle-free quiet drives.

However, while fitting a lift kit on the Ford, certain individuals force the lower arms and push the cv even further.

Doing so might crack the actuator and lead to further damage leading to a humming sound.

2. Continuous Blinking of Parking Lights

Did you notice some F150 lift kit problems after fixing a 2.5-inch leveling kit, like the continuous blinking of the parking lights?

Then you have messed up with the fixing. You have probably failed to detach the battery before beginning the fitting process.

Detaching the battery is essential to prevent any damage to your vehicle. Not doing this can hamper your system and cause varied issues.

3. Rattling Noise

The clunky sound from your leveling kit can create issues for your Ford f150. So, if you notice any of it coming from your wheels, get it inspected immediately.

The cause could be the failure of tightening the end links well.

Hearing this noise quite often after fixing the kit might not be surprising. So, do not worry and check your sway bar end links to suspect the cause.

4. Excessive tire rubbing

If the rubbing of your tire fails to seize after installing your new lift kit, there could be an issue. Further, you could have to replace your vehicle’s tires.

Not all big tires are compliant with lift kits. Thus, check on all these aspects and fit suitable tires to get accurate outcomes at all times.

Rubbing is a very common issue that could indicate faulty tire size. So, check on it instantly and get the wheels changed.

Solutions for Ford f150 Leveling Kit Problems

Fixing the issues is not very tough. Make certain amends to get the finest outcomes.

Whining Noise

If you notice such noises, you may have to remove the parts again and check on the lug nuts. The issue could be caused by loose bolts or connections.

Thus, make sure you use the right tools and get a re-check of everything.

Blinking Parking Lights

If this is the case, you might have to fix a new wheel speed sensor on your Ford. Replace the old sensors and make the necessary wire connections.

Lastly, reinstall the tires and fix the issue immediately.

Rattling Noise

The simple fix is to check your sway bar end links. If they are loose and not fixed well, you might have to fasten them.

Rubbing Tires

The simplest solution is to fix the new compliant tires for your Ford f150. Its cause might be large tires and improper fittings.


What merits and demerits of fitting a lift kit?

The pros are:

  • You can easily install larger tires
  • Limits the additional braking pressure
  • Makes your truck look and feel better

The cons are:

  • Wrong fittings can create noises and cause damage
  • Damage the other parts while fitting without expert aid
  • The suspension might not last for long

In what ways do leveling kits assist the users?

The most prominent assistance are:

  • Better towing

The chief reason you must consider lifting your Ford is the ease of towing. So, whenever you need to tow your vehicle, you can do it with the utmost simplicity.

  • Better Mileage

If you install the lift kit towards the back, it can offer better aerodynamics. It is because now the air flowing from the truck is more fluid.

Further, it aids in saving the gas pump and offering better mileage. Moreover, it also aids in fitting larger tires with ease.

  • Better Control

Control over the vehicle is vital for a user. Installing lift kits improves the drive quality and gives you more stable control over the Ford.

Which is the most suitable size for a leveling kit?

If you want a frontal lift only, you can opt for a 1.5 or 2-inch kit. However, complete precise calculations and assess accordingly for a complete kit.

Thus, estimate and install accordingly by subtracting the frontal and rear lifts to get accurate outcomes.

What can a 2.5″ lift kit do for your Ford?

Lift kits assist in lifting the frontal portion of your vehicle to align it well to that of the back. It enables more ground clearance and a better driving experience.

These vital kits offer a maximum of two inches of lift, thereby eliminating the raked stance that many vehicles acquire.

Further, it can improve the overall look to some level. However, do not expect an exceptional change as it slightly alters the appearance.

Why you must not consider lifting your truck?

However, we know that gaining control is a perk only at limited speed levels. If you excessively increase the clearance, handling your truck could become tough.

Also, installing larger tires can lessen the overall fuel economy of your vehicle. So, to prevent such issues and gain better stability, install a decent lift or no lift at all.

What is the difficulty level of installing a lift kit?

Fixing the kit is simple. However, you must know some mechanics. Thus, we recommended taking assistance from manuals to start well and check on all tools before commencing.

However, the finest aspect of installing these components is that you do not have to remove any parts.

So, overall it is simple but might require certain expertise to be completed safely.


After scanning the Ford F150 2.5-inch leveling kit before and after, you must have identified its perks.

Yes, it has its drawbacks; however, this leveling height is suitable for all purposes.

It covers basic and exceptional needs to offer excellence with every drive.

Thus, opt for the finest lift kit for your Ford and give it an ideal 2.5-inch lift to meet all your needs.

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