Ford F150 Throttle Body Problems

A clogged or broken throttle body leads to severe engine misfunctions. However, the misconnection and the damaged throttle body are the most typical Ford F150 throttle body recalls over the years.

The Ford F150 throttle body problems may be the reason for that check engine sign showing up on your dashboard. Though it may be some other engine problems, you definitely want to check out the condition of your Throttle body first.

Since a throttle body is present in Ford F150 since it is a fuel-injected vehicle. The throttle body is that part of your vehicle that regulates the flow of air into the engine and thereby aids the effective combustion of fuel in the piston.

Ford F-150 throttle body problems may interfere with the ideal air-fuel flow ratio thereby causing problems with the car engine. However, reducing its effectiveness by disrupting the car’s general well-being prevents it from performing at its maximum capacity.

5 Ford F150 Throttle Body Problems with Main Reasons

There are a number of things that could make your Ford F-150 Throttle body not function properly.

From grime build-up to wearing out of the throttle body and even total damage to the throttle body. Whichever problem your car’s throttle body has should be put to check immediately.

01. Clogged Throttle Body

Of course, a dirty throttle body is expected not to function properly, therefore, causing the engine also not to function properly.

Since it controls the flow of air into the engine, grime build-up in the throttle body will disrupt the smooth flow of air into the engine causing fluctuating idle speed and inadequate air supply for combustion.

02. Worn out/Broken Throttle Body

The throttle body of your car can get worn out probably because of a very long usage time and poor maintenance. A broken throttle body is rarely the case but it still happens sometimes.

Once the throttle body gets totally damaged, there is no control over the amount of air going into the car engine, that is, there might be excess or too little air which is bad for the proper functioning of the engine.

The only way out may be the replacement of the throttle body.

03. Faulty Electrical Connections

Problems with electrical connections can lead to the delivery of incorrect or irregular information to the car’s computer system.

When it comes to the throttle body and its sensor, late or incorrect information can make the car’s computer make flawed corrections to the air-fuel mixture.

Moreover, which may lead to reduced power to the engine no matter how hard you press the pedal.

04. Damaged Throttle Position Sensor

When there is a fault with the throttle position sensor, the car’s throttle body will also not work properly.

The throttle position sensor collates the information on how much you have pressed on the gas pedal.

As well as, links it to the engine’s RPM as well as the mass airflow sensor to ensure that the adequate amount of air/fuel ratio is going into your engine properly.

Once it stops functioning properly, the throttle body could either stay closed, thereby preventing air from going into the engine and it could stay open causing excess air to go into the engine.

05. Coking

Coking refers to the accumulation of fuel deposits in the throttle body. This accumulation leads to layers of thick black residue which keeps getting thicker over time.

It results in disruption of air flow and stops the car from picking up the power needed from combustion. This might result in rough idling in the car. An air filter may help reduce this.

How to Fix the Ford Throttle Body Problems

After examining your Ford F-150 and you think that the throttle body may be the reason for the symptoms that have made your car engine not as effective as it usually is.

however, here are some things you can do to restore your car to its normal function.

Clean the Throttle Body

You can clean your car’s throttle body on your own following step-by-step instructions from manuals, sites, and videos.

If you cannot do it on your own then you’re better off with a professional mechanic.

Take your car to a Certified Mechanic

If after cleaning the throttle body, your car still keeps showing symptoms and isn’t functioning properly, you should take it to a professional for a proper check-up and care.

Get a good air filter

Using an air filter helps to manage the amount of dirt that can gain access to the throttle body. It can also prevent coking on the throttle body, therefore allowing proper airflow.

Throttle Body Reset

This can be done using a scanner tool or reset manually. If you choose to use the scanner tool, ensure that you clean the trouble code on the throttle body monitor.

To carry out a manual reset you need to follow step-by-step instructions as listed here.

Replace the Throttle Body

If the damage done to the throttle body is beyond repair, getting a new one is a way out.

Situations, where the throttle body is above repair, include excessively worn-out throttle body and broken throttle body.

Ford F150 Throttle Body: Specification and Features

The throttle body is what regulates the amount of airflow into the engine and is an important part of combustion and also controls the engine speed.

It is situated between the intake manifold of the engine and the air filter. The Ford F-150 Throttle body basically consists of the butterfly valve also known as the throttle plate, the housing, and the shaft.

How the throttle body works when the gas pedal is pressed down is that the throttle plate opens up for more air to be released into the manifold.

Most recent throttle bodies are mostly electronically controlled. However, the throttle body of the Ford F150 is mechanical. It contains input for TPS and MAP sensors, in addition, to routing for the IAC valve, and an idle adjustment screw.

5-Key Bad Ford F150 Throttle Body Symptoms

If you notice your Ford F-150 engine is just not as effective as it usually is, therefore preventing you from having a smooth ride, a bad throttle body may just be the problem.

There are several symptoms that may indicate problems with the Ford F-150 Throttle body.

1. Check the Engine Light

The CEL is one of the major signs you get when your car has a problem.

If your car’s throttle body is no longer as effective as it should be the electric throttle control is alerted which turns on the check engine light of the car.

Although this light may be an indicator of other engine problems which is why you should take your car to a certified mechanic for a check-up.

2. Poor idle

This may be one of the first places where you notice your F-150 throttle body has a problem.

The idle is controlled by the throttle body and if it goes bad it may cause the idle to stall and also cause a high RPM

3. Fuel Consumption Alteration

When you notice that there is a change, either an increase or decrease in the fuel consumption rate of your car, the throttle body may be one of the things to check since it controls the air-fuel flow ratio.

The increase in fuel consumption is uneconomical and the decrease may cause hazards to the engine.

4. Ununified Acceleration

The car’s throttle body works simultaneously with the accelerator or gas pump.

When it is pressed down there is an increase in the flow of fuel into the and allows combustion to take place together with the air from the throttle body.

When the throttle body is damaged, there is an insufficient supply of air thereby causing the car’s acceleration to be uneven or even slow.

5. Engine Misfire

The throttle body is the one that provides air used in combustion which is essential for the engine to function.

When there is a wrong air-fuel mixture it may lead to unfinished combustion which causes the failure of fuel to ignite correctly or at all.

When do You Need to Replace Ford F150 Throttle Body?

Not all Ford F-150 Throttle body problems can be solved. Sometimes the best thing to do is to repair it.

When the Throttle body has a problem that is a result of a mistake from the manufacturers, repairing it might not be an option.

Other times the throttle body might have been extremely worn out and beyond repair meaning that you might have to just get a replacement.

A broken throttle body is definitely beyond repair.

Although this is rarely a problem faced except in heavy-duty vehicles but if it happens it may leave you no other option than to get a new one for the proper functioning of your car engine.

How Much Does a Throttle Body Cost?

The cost of a throttle body may vary depending on where you are getting it, your car model, and also the type you are getting.

For your Ford F150, another factor that determines the price is the year of the car you want to get a throttle body replacement.

On average, the f150 throttle body replacement cost ranges from $250 to $500 to purchase the part and $100 to $200 for labor depending on your mechanic.

FAQs about Ford F150 Throttle Body

These are some of the frequently asked questions about a Throttle body that you should check out.

What can make a throttle body not function properly?

The presence of accumulated dirt, and grime build-up and coming also can prevent proper air flow thereby preventing the throttle body from performing at its maximum capacity.

Problems with the electronic connection and sensor also prevent the throttle body from properly functioning.

How often should I clean my car’s throttle body?

The number of times you need to clean your throttle body would be dependent on how often you drive your car and how long you drive it.

Usually, the throttle body of a car should be cleaned after about 75,000 miles of usage. This is an important part of your car maintenance routine for proper functioning.

Can my car function well without a throttle body?

The presence of a throttle body is very essential for a car to function at its best.

The throttle body controls the amount of air inflow into the car engine and the air is vital for combustion in fuel-injected cars.

In the absence of a throttle body, there is either excessive or very low air intake into the engine and neither is good for your car engine.

Can a throttle body be repaired?

Yes, a throttle body can be repaired if the damage is not beyond repair. In certain situations such as when the throttle body is broken, it cannot be repaired and therefore needs to be replaced.

How long does a throttle body last?

The lifespan of a throttle body depends on how well it is maintained during the period of usage.

If it is properly maintained, cleaned, or serviced regularly it definitely will last longer than one which isn’t properly maintained.

Although you may need to change the throttle body at a point in time after it must have worn out, it will surely serve you for a longer time if we’ll take care of it.

How much does the replacement of a throttle body cost?

The cost of replacing a throttle body depends on how much your caregiver charges and the price of the type of throttle body you want to get fixed.

Averagely, the cost may range from $200 to $500 most times.

Does the throttle position sensor have an effect on the throttle body?

Yes, if the throttle position sensor goes bad, the throttle body won’t work well because the position of the throttle body determines how much air enters the engine and the throttle position sensor detects this position.

If it goes bad there is going to be a problem.

Final Thoughts

A well-functioning throttle body is essential for the general well-being of a car because it plays a very important role in air flow, air-fuel ratio, and combustion generally.

Ford F150 throttle body problems are not uncommon and can be prevented or managed. Proper maintenance of the throttle body is essential for it not to get damaged and for long-term usage.

Maintenance ranges from cleaning it often if you can do it on your own or taking your car to a professional mechanic to service it regularly. If extremely damaged, replacement is advised.

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